Landscapes for Human and Other Beings

Beauty and the Feast creates outdoor living spaces, and grows food for body and soul—
enhancing your surroundings with native plants, herbs and flowers. Using a combination of native and non-native plants, and edible plants of all kinds, our innovative landscape designs work in concert with California's native habitat.

We are dedicated to creating aesthetic organic gardens, which support our local
ecosystem, and provide habitat for humans and local wildlife. We work to create spaces
that our clients will truly enjoy, whether 


their pleasure is to produce food for themselves and community, provide habitat for birds, bees, and butterflies, or enjoy a truly low-maintenance landscape. In many cases we combine all of these elements.

Garden maintenance is a core part of our business. Even a low-maintenance garden needs care to look its best. We are skilled at tailoring a maintenance program that will suit your gardens needs and budget.

If you value the benefit of landscaping which works with nature, and your personal aspirations for your garden, call us to evaluate your site, and propose a landscape plan which will please you aesthetically, morally and financially.

Contact Miri  at (510) 866-3325