Our Services

Beauty and the Feast works with clients to create outdoor spaces which reflect how they want to spend time outdoors. Whether you dream of having a place to walk or meditate, an area to cook and dine, space for growing a bounty of food or simply a beautiful habitat to attract wildlife, we will work in harmony with your goals, with your micro-climate and with the native species best suited to your site. Our goal is to develop a garden plan that will be low maintenance, drought tolerant and a nurturing habitat for you, as well as local wildlife. We have done many lawn to native plant garden conversions, and would love to help you with yours!

Starting from the Ground Up

We offer a comprehensive array of services which will transform your current landscape to one which you will enjoy for years to come. Our founder, Miri Malmquist, will meet at your residence or business and get to know you as well as the space you wish to transform. Next, she will provide conceptual sketches of how to utilize the space consistent with how you will use your outdoor living environment. With a chosen direction, she will use her practical knowledge of soils, water needs and light requirements to choose a planting scheme that will thrive. Her experienced team can create the structure, amend the soil, install irrigation and artfully place the plants—while you sit back and ask yourself why you didn't call her sooner.

Maintaining the Beauty

Gardens are in a constant state of change and with proactive maintenance, can be a source of beauty year around. We can help your plants stay healthy by checking them for nutrient deficiencies and offering natural solutions. Pruning just the right amount at the right time can result in robust growth and blossoms. Refreshing mulch and providing seasonal clean up will give an instant makeover to any landscape. 

For Do-It-Yourself-ers

If you just want someone with expertise on your micro-climate and site, to help you envision a garden you can create yourself, we also offer consultations. Miri Malmquist will come to your residence or business, and offer casual sketches, plant recommendations and direction. If you decide that you want more help after your consultation, she will be happy to give you an estimate for formal plans and installation.